Throughout the history of classical music, renowned composers have continued the long-standing tradition of writing music in sets of compositions that cover all the major and minor keys of the chromatic scale for the piano. Bach, Chopin, Liszt, Shostakovich and Rachmaninoff each created their own set of 24 pieces that have become well known in the classical repertoire. 


Fabio D'Andrea is the first 21st-century composer to continue this tradition, composing his set of pieces simply entitled '24'. However, this set has a unique, 21st-century edge, as every piece has its own accompanying music video, making it the first-ever classical video album.


Every music video features well-known actors and dancers who have a passion for contemporary music and the arts, allowing them to showcase their incredible acting ability through the medium of dance. Covering a wide spectrum of genres, the videos also feature dancers from The Royal Ballet, Rambert Dance Company, The London Contemporary Dance School, as well as leading commercial street-dance companies, choreographed by some of the best UK choreographers.

'The Sleeping Beauty' - one of the first videos from the series, directed by Fabio, choreographed by the former principal dancer of Rambert, Dane Hurst and featuring actress Emma Rigby, showcased at numerous film festivals and has won over 20 international awards, including 'Best Music Video' at the prestigious LA Short Fest. 


Overall, Fabio is creating a set of visually stunning videos and beautiful original piano music with which he hopes to inspire younger generations and create a new love for contemporary dance and music. 


The second video sees actress Emma Rigby starring in a stunning video exploring the importance of childhood dreams for British composer Fabio D’Andrea’s new album that aims to revolutionise classical music in the 21st century. ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ has won more than 20 international awards including Best Music Video at the LA Shorts  International Film Festival which is an Oscar contender.

'Love Should Not Hurt' is the powerful fourth video in the series. Released in support of the charity Women's Aid, the video explores the theme of domestic abuse and stars Spice Girl Mel B, a victim of domestic abuse herself. Captured in the video are the varying forms of abuse many women globally face on a daily basis, including coercive control, financial control, physical abuse and sexual violence.

The first composition, released under the '24' album is 'Something Left to Love', featuring actor Russell Tovey. Russel is best-know for his roles in Quantico, Supernatural, Sherlock and The Good Liar.

The video explores the theme of mental health and outlines the non-discriminatory nature of its effect on everyone.  Russell masterfully portrays the internal struggle of a public figure, hiding his true feelings behind a well-polished facade. 

The third video in the series, 'Masquerade' sees George Blagden, best known for his roles as Louis XIV in the French-produced television series drama Versailles, and Athelstan in the hit TV show Vikings, featuring as the Arlecchino alongside actress Ellie Turner. Shot on location in Germany and Italy, 'Masquerade' is a visual delight celebrating the history of early theatre and the commedia dell'arte.